Emergency Responder Grants

            Our continued commitment and effort to operate in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner is a key focus for our company. In our operating areas, we proactively establish and maintain good working relationships with key community stakeholders including the organizations that respond to community needs during emergency preparedness and response efforts.

            The emergency responder grant program provides support for organizations that are just as committed to safety as we are and ensures they have the necessary resources needed. Grants may be used for fire, safety or medical equipment; personal protective equipment or gear or communication equipment or systems.

            Emergency responder grant requests are only accepted online.

            Please review the guidelines for eligibility criteria and dates associated with the grant requests.

            • First-time applicants, create your account login in and password here. Select "new applicant" and set up your account. Then return to this webpage to apply for a grant by selecting the "emergency responder grant application" link below.
            • Complete an emergency responder grant application.
            • Requests can be submitted at any time and are considered annually on August 1.
            • Notification and payment of grants will take place in September each year.
            • Access your account to review the status of submitted applications.

            If you have questions, email communityinvestments@oneok.com.