Corporate Contributions

            Requests are only accepted online. 

            • First-time applicants, create your account login in and password here. Select “new applicant” and set up your account. Then return to this webpage and use the link below to apply for a corporate contribution by selecting the corporate contribution application link below.
            • Complete a corporate contribution application using your account login information.
            • Access your account to review the status of submitted applications.

            As a company, we recognize and believe that good corporate citizenship is an essential and important responsibility. Our commitment to give back to the communities where we operate and our employees work and live includes financial contributions as well as the time and talents of our employee volunteers.

            The majority of these contributions are event sponsorships that support community organizations, while at the same time, provide ONEOK the opportunity to increase company brand visibility and awareness. Any benefits associated with the sponsorships are utilized locally to allow our employees to build relationships with key community stakeholders.

            The primary focus areas for community investments are arts and culture, community improvement, education, environmental, and health and human services. Priority consideration is given to educational programs and to health and human services organizations, particularly organizations with programs that help people gain skills for self-sufficiency. 

            Key Information About ONEOK Corporate Contributions
            Organizations must be exempt from federal income tax under the section 501 (c))(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code or organized efforts of a charitable nature. 

            • Charitable organizations are in full compliance with all federal, state and local laws or regulations.
            • Goods or services may be received in return for a corporate contribution, including recognition.
            • Programs or projects address community-related issues where our company operates and employees work and live.
            • Requests should be submitted four to six weeks to allow time for consideration.

            ONEOK Corporate Contributions guidelines.